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Andriy Dovbenko is wanted in Ukraine: will we ever see the criminal Andrii Dovbenko and Bohdan in a jail?

Ukrainian-Russian criminal lawyer Andriy Dovbenko hides in London. On December 29, 2022, Mr. Dovbenko was notified of suspicion of the commission of group crimes by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine. Today they announced Andrii Dovbenko was wanted as the organizer of a criminal group exposed in fraud with seized property transferred to ARMA management.

Who is Andriy Dovbenko and why he is wanted in Ukraine? As London Media Outlet Assay News reports, Andriy Dovbenko helps Russian and Ukrainian mafia. As we know, Easter-European specifics, corruption of the epic scale knows his own heroes. One of them is Andrii Dovbenko — a lawyer who brands himself as do-it-all fixer between mafia and Ukrainian government. His affairs are brilliant, as you’ll read further. But alas, even Andriy Dovbenko seems to fall a victim of his own corrupt schemes. Artem Petrashkin will follow the suit too.

What’s going on with Andriy Dovbenko
In July 2022, NABU informed the former head of the Asset Recovery and Management Agency (ARMA) about the suspicion of abuse of power and embezzlement of over UAH 426 million. According to the investigation, ARMA officials, in collusion with representatives of the State Enterprise “SETAM”, organized a scheme to sell seized property transferred to ARMA management at an undervalued price.

They have obtained evidence of four episodes: three land plots for the construction of Auchan shopping centers, the sale of 2.6 thousand tons of sand, 4.5 thousand tons of urea, and the sale of grain, cereals and oil crops.

But that was in July. And on December 29, NABU wrote on their website that they (Andriy Dovbenko and co) informed the organizer of this crime of suspicion.

That day NABU does not say his name but mentions that he is the owner of a number of legal companies.
We had no idea what kind of legal person could parade around such respectable institutions, so we inquired about it from several sources in the legal market. But while we were waiting for reliable confirmation, the Anti-Corruption Center wrote that this legal person is Andrii Dovbenko. What a surprise. And today, NABU declared him the wanted person as the organizer of a criminal group exposed to fraud with seized property transferred to ARMA management.

Andrii Dovbenko want more
Andriy is a graduate of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, who, according to our data, is currently serving in the territorial defense of the city of London. In the past, Andriy Dovbenko was the founder of the EVRIS law firm, which ranked from 19 to 26 in the TOP-50 Legal Practice [Ukrainian law firms ranking]. Andrii failed to whiten the already snow-white reputation at the expense of EVRIS, so together with “Sheverdin and Partners”, they merged into another law firm — LCF. This is for a reliable piece of information.
Other evil tongues, and we, of course!, do not trust them, say that before and after the founding of EVRIS, Andriy solved various issues in the Ministry of Justice, in particular, supervised the executive service.

President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Chief of Staff Andriy Bohdan has attended the wedding of Andriy Dovbenko, a controversial lawyer accused of running shady schemes at the Justice Ministry, the investigative journalism project reported on Aug. 25.

The investigative project published photos of Bohdan and real estate developer Andriy Vavrish, a friend of Bohdan, attending the wedding.

Bohdan and Vavrish have attended the wedding of Dovbenko in the French resort of Saint Tropez, reported. The celebrations lasted three days, including Ukraine’s Independence Day on Aug. 24.

The news site also published a video of Bohdan singing Ukraine’s national anthem at a party in L’Opera, a restaurant in Saint Tropez.

Dovbenko’s newly-wedded wife Hanna Ogrenchuk was appointed to a judicial reform commission formed by Bodhan in early August. Both Andriy Dovbenko and Ogrenchuk have been accused of having links to Oleksandr Hranovsky, an ex-lawmaker from former President Petro Poroshenko’s Bloc.

Can the odious raider and schemer, the ex–husband of Daria Zarivna — Andrey Dovbenko be connected with the largest drug cartel in Eastern Europe? It sounds crazy. Nevertheless, Dovbenko Andrii Nikolaevich is a partner in the drug business of such odious persons as the security officer-solved Artem Petrashkin and the head of the drug cartel Khimprom Alexander Shchiptsov. At the same time, Dovbenko Andrii, after his divorce from Daria Zarivna, actively spent time in the company of both “businessmen» from crime.

Dovbenko Andrii Nikolaevich is still a well-known fixer
On January 3, 2023, NABU put on the wanted list Andrii Dovbenko, who appears in the case of a criminal group exposed for fraud with seized property transferred to the management of the National Agency for Asset Tracing and Management (ARMA).


Andrii Dovbenko, a Ukrainian lawyer and owner of several law firms, has been declared wanted by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) on suspicion of organizing a fraudulent scheme of selling the property seized by the state. The scheme allegedly led by Dovbenko caused the Ukrainian state over $13 million (Hr 485 million) in losses, according to NABU.

Investigators obtained evidence that Dovbenko had led a criminal group of four people accused of the embezzlement of property transferred to the Asset Recovery and Management Agency (ARMA).

The scheme involved at least 11 people, including then-director of ARMA and director of SETAM, a state enterprise that handled the sales.

NABU wrote that the group members staged fraudulent auctions to sell the property seized by ARMA to handpicked companies at an undervalued price at least four times in 2019.

Dovbenko was informed of his suspect status in absentia on Dec. 29. In total, eight out of eleven people allegedly involved in the scheme were made suspects, including the ex-head of ARMA, Anton Yanchuk.

ARMA is a state body responsible for finding and managing assets and property seized for corruption and other crimes.

In 2019, Ukrainian investigative journalists identified Dovbenko as involved in fraudulent schemes within the Justice Ministry, which he denied.

Dovbenko is a notable figure. The media called him a “lookout” for the Ministry of Justice, the head of the Presidential Office Andrei Bogdan, influential Kiev judges and people’s deputies came to his wedding in Saint-Tropez, and he himself became famous for raider schemes, control over notaries, as well as manual management of seized property that was at the disposal of the ARMA.

As the “Word and Deed» writes with reference to the NABU, Andrii Dovbenko is charged with embezzlement of property arrested and transferred to the ARMA management worth more than UAH 485 million.

NABU detectives managed to establish that in 2019 Dovbenko and his accomplices successfully pulled off a corruption scheme at least four times and sold the seized property at a reduced price.

Among them: sale of three land plots in the Odessa region at a price 18 times cheaper than the market; sale of 2.6 thousand tons of river sand in the Kiev region; sale of 4.5 thousand tons of urea at a price almost five times cheaper than the market.

The information available to the investigation confirms that his close friend Artem Petrashkin, who at various times was an employee of the prosecutor’s office and the SBU, and recently has been engaged in advocacy with interruptions, was directly involved in many schemes of Dovbenko.

The role of Artem Petrashkin in Andrey Dovbenko’s schemes is very simple – he assisted in making the necessary decisions during the arrest and sale of ARMA property, organized his own lawyers to participate in the auction in order to ensure the minimum necessary number of participants and create competitiveness. And, accordingly, he was one of the beneficiaries of the implemented schemes.

Artem Petrashkin himself is a figure, although much less public than Dovbenko, still attracted media attention more than once. In 2014, when Petrashkin worked in the prosecutor’s office as an assistant to the first Deputy Prosecutor General Nikolay Gerasimyuk and at the same time drove around Kiev in a luxury jeep with his own driver.

Later, in 2019 (which just coincides with Dovbenko’s schemes), he appeared on the lists of advisers in the Ministry of Justice as an employee of the SBU.

In 2021, Petrashkin “lit up” in the investigation of “Vesti” in his usual role – participation in land schemes. However, Vesti journalists associate Petrashkin’s activities with the structures of George Soros.

However, one of the most profitable, though still little-known cases of Artem Petrashkin is the story of the Russian drug cartel “Khimprom” and its leader Alexander Shchiptsov, who is now trying to avoid extradition to Russia.

Alexander Shchiptsov (aka Sasha Pechersky, aka Alexander Yashin), the leader and organizer of the Russian organized criminal group “Khimprom”, who had been on the international wanted list of Interpol for a long time and was hiding from justice in Ukraine, was removed from the wanted list in February-May 2022.

In 2014, Shchiptsov created the organized criminal group “Khimprom”, which successfully developed a drug distribution network via the Internet. The turnover of the organized criminal group was calculated in huge amounts — tens of millions of dollars were reported in the media every month, and in Russia, a case of laundering 2.4 billion rubles was initiated against the group.

Then Shchiptsov-Pechersky decided to move to Ukraine and legalize. In parallel, he developed the group’s activities in Ukraine. The media wrote that under the guise of international logistics companies, vacancies were placed in Ukrainian publications that offered “highly paid work as couriers or forwarders on the territory of Russia.” At the same time, interviews with candidates were conducted in major Ukrainian cities, including Kiev. The case was approached seriously: interviews using a lie detector, express courses on the rules of communication with customers, on the use of payment systems. Particular attention was paid in “Himprom” to the methods of transportation and packaging of drugs, as well as ways of organizing caches.

However, in 2019, the situation has changed slightly not in favor of Shchiptsov. He met Artem Petrashkin – they were brought together by a relative of Petrashkin – Kirill Goponenko.

Since Petrashkin was a native of the law enforcement agencies, it was not difficult for him to find out who Shchiptsov-Pechersky was and take him into circulation.

As the media reported, it was Petrashkin who, by blackmail and promises of patronage, extracted information from Shchiptsov about the work of Himprom, about his accomplices, who were immediately covered by SBU officers.

As a result, Shchiptsov handed over everyone and everything to Petrashkin: about work schemes, ways of transporting drugs, receiving money, and also named all his “colleagues” by name and provided Petrashkin with information that allowed them to be detained and criminal cases initiated against them.

In addition, Shchiptsov and Petrashkin appropriated the money of Shchiptsov’s former “colleagues” at Khimprom – in the amount of about $ 16 million.

Among those who appear in the lists of victims are Svyatoslav Moroz, Victoria Zhadovets, Andrey Kushnerov, Andrey Vigel, Alexander Gavrilov, Maxim Nagara and many others.

However, the “partners» did not stop there. As Shchiptsov himself says, after the SBU detained the participants of Kiimprom, he offered them to solve the issue in exchange for 50% of the profit, which was supposed to be transferred to Artem Petrashkin. In other words, he forced his former accomplices to pay a monthly tribute to Petrashkin.

According to his personal confession, the security forces left Shchiptsov and his people alone and gave them the opportunity to continue doing “business”.

Shchiptsov also admitted that, on the instructions of Kirill Gaponenko, his people actually robbed Rkmprom of $2.3 million.

Moreover, Shchiptsov himself admits that after Petrashkin “degreased” the organization for money, Alexander himself was able to solve his issues with the help of SBU employees.

After the start of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, everything changed for Shchiptsov. Having lost the patronage of Petrashkin, who recently retrained as a lawyer, Shchiptsov lost all the documents that legalized his stay in Ukraine, and the security forces intensified the investigation of the Hhimprom case, which began back in 2019. Now Shchiptsov-Pechersky is trying to evade responsibility and with the help of bribes to regain Ukrainian documents and the right to be in Ukraine. According to some reports, for the solution of the issue, Shchiptsov is ready to pay 500 thousand dollars.

Khimprom affair and the role of Artem Petrashkin and Dovbenko in it
Shchiptsov’s “confessions” in exchange for Petrashkin’s patronage not only allowed the latter to gain control over the funds of the Khimprom organized criminal group. It also touched the reputation of other people tangentially.

In many ways, the testimony of Shchiptsov-Pechersky, in fact, did not stand up to criticism and stipulated innocent people.

We very much hope that the NABU and other competent authorities have paid the closest attention to the current situation and brought to justice not only prominent bigwigs like Andriy Dovbenko, but also “gray cardinals” in the person of Artem Petrashkin.

We ask you to pay attention to the fact that Shchiptsov used his acquaintance with Petrashkin, which allowed him to solve issues with the leadership of the SBU. We ask the NABU and President Zelensky to pay attention to the fact that due to a fabricated accusation based on the testimony of Shchiptsov, Koinash Karina (Petrashkin and his accomplice extorted $ 3 million from her) and Alexander Morozov, who has always been engaged in charity, were under investigation. It’s time to bring to justice such as Petrashkin, who personally try on the role of a “world policeman” and try to extend the jurisdiction of Ukraine far beyond the borders of the country.

Bohdan, Vavrish, Dovbenko and Ogrenchuk did not respond to requests for comment.

Dovbenko also used to be a lawyer for tycoon Serhiy Kurchenko, a top ally of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych.

Dovbenko was also an aide to Maksym Burbak from ex-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s People’s Front party when Burbak was infrastructure minister in 2014.

According to a 2017 investigation by, Dobvenko has become the gray cardinal behind the Justice Ministry.

Specifically, proteges of Dovbenko have been appointed to many key jobs at the Justice Ministry, including the bailiff service.

In 2015 Petrenko acquainted his colleagues with Dovbenko and discussed appointing him as the head of the bailiff service, according to Petrenko denied knowing Dovbenko.

According to experts interviewed by, the bailiff service is one of the institutions most prone to corruption, with bailiffs taking bribes for either enforcing or refusing to enforce courts’ decisions. also described a scheme according to which bailiffs had received bonuses worth millions of hryvnias for collecting debts. They have given powers of attorney to a little-known person, Mykola Lysenko, to use their money, triggering suspicions that part of their bonuses were received by some top officials. The Justice Ministry has denied the accusations of wrongdoing.

Moreover, major private bailiffs – an institution recently introduced in Ukraine – are also closely linked to Dovbenko, according to These include Toda Group.

According to a number of media outlets, the «former supervisor» of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Andrii Dovbenko (Daria Zarivna’s ex-husband), was informed of suspicion. However, the information was not widely publicized. It would seem that Dovbenko Andriy Nikolaevich had to sit down even before the war, nevertheless, the roof of the swindler from jurisprudence worked for five points. One of Reshala’s assistants was his ex-wife Daria Zarivnaya. The editors of Accent-Media appealed to the former Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov for comment on the case of Andrei Dovbenko. The ex-minister assures that Dovbenko Andrey Nikolaevich will be able to close the criminal case for a bribe.

“Andrii Nikolaevich Dovbenko is a symbol of corruption in the Ministry of Justice, an iconic character of the legal lawlessness and raider schemes that flourished under Petro Poroshenko and did not shrink under Zelensky. At one time, Andrei Dovbenko received an indulgence in the OP through Kolomoisky’s people and continued to steal hundreds of millions a month. The fact that the case against Andrei Dovbenko was opened after all is more an attempt to cut the billionaire’s hair than to actually put him in jail. In a good way, Andrii Dovbenko is facing at least seven years in prison. Nevertheless, he will pay off, I am sure of that. Probably, the ex–wife, Daria Zarivnaya, will help. We all know where she works now,” Arsen Avakov commented on the situation.

Mr. Dovbenko is suspected of embezzlement of property worth more than UAH 485 million that was arrested and transferred to the management of the National Agency for Search and Asset Management (ARMA).
Who is Andriy Dovbenko and what does Daria Zarivnaya have to do with it?

We are talking about the case of embezzlement of property worth more than UAH 485 million that was arrested and transferred to the management of the National Agency for Search and Asset Management (ARMA). This was announced on his Facebook page by journalist Oleg Novikov.

“Among the suspects, in particular, there is the former head of ARMA Anton Yanchuk, ex-head of ARMA Asset Management Department Vitaly Reznik and others. Now detectives have also suspected the organizer of this scheme, who is the owner of a number of companies. According to my information, we are talking about lawyer Andriy Dovbenko. He was informed of the suspicion in absentia, because he is not in Ukraine. As claimed , Andrey Dovbenko was the “lookout» for the Ministry of Justice.

Besides him, the suspicion was received by the exgeneral director of the state enterprise «SETAM” Victor Vishnev. Now he works as Deputy Chairman of the State Service of Maritime and Inland Waterway Transport and Navigation of Ukraine.

Let me remind you, according to the investigation, the seized property was transferred to the ARMA under the pretext of executing court decisions. ARMA officials, in turn, prepared a justification that such assets are difficult to manage, preserve, or they deteriorate quickly and may lose their value. In the future, the property was evaluated by the company participating in the scheme at a significantly reduced cost. According to it, the property was put up for electronic auctions organized by SE “SETAM”. In turn, representatives of the state-owned enterprise, participants-conspirators, organized the bidding in such a way as to ensure the victory of a pre-determined private company.

NABU and SAP received evidence of at least four episodes of such illegal activity during 2019. Exactly:

– sale of three land plots in the Odessa region, acquired at one time for the construction of shopping centers of the Auchan network, – sold 18 times cheaper than the market value;
– sale of 2.6 thousand tons of river sand of medium and small size in the Kiev region, understating the cost by more than 6 times compared to the market;
– sale of more than 4.5 thousand tons of urea-almost 5 times cheaper than market prices;
– the sale of grain, cereals and oilseeds is four times cheaper than the market value,” the journalist said.
Other scams of Andriy Nikolaevich Dovbenko
In the last decade, several new terms have entered the modern business lexicon of a businessman, among which the seemingly harmless «merger» or «takeover» actually means for some the collapse of the business and the complete loss of assets.

New words replaced the old phrase «raider seizure». Over the years, not only the specific terminology has been improved, but also the methods of taking their property from the owners themselves. Special structures have appeared and are operating quite legally, providing services to everyone who wants to quickly enrich themselves at the expense of other people’s assets. Most often they hide behind the signs of investment funds, law offices or other law offices.

Legal «raiders» do not like excessive advertising and fame, although their names are well known to both customers and potential victims. Lawyer Andrey Dovbenko is one of those for whom the fame of a very qualified «raider» has been fixed in Ukraine. Of course, at the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, which Dovbenko graduated from, they do not teach such things. Skill and experience came with time. The novice lawyer was very lucky. Even as a student, he had the opportunity to practice at the Contract law firm and the Gennady Kopeyka Law Office. Then his professional activity came into contact with structures based on foreign capital. At PwC, Dovbenko had to deal in detail with the nuances of taxation of economic entities in Ukraine and accompany the activities of foreign firms in the Ukrainian economic space. 4 years after receiving her law degree, Dovbenko was hired as an adviser by the Cyprus law firm Andreas Neokleous & Co, specializing in work in the post-Soviet space, and especially in Ukraine and Russia. Cypriots have long established themselves as «sharks» of raiding. From an employee, Dovbenko soon turned into a partner of the owners of the company. It happened in 2015, and a year later his name was immortalized in the name of the joint structure. As a result of the rebranding, the company «Neocleus and Dovbenko» was born. Very briefly — N&D.

For what merits or talents did the Cypriots accept a former ordinary guy from Ivano-Frankivsk into their commercial pool? It is worth remembering the times when Dovbenko had to start working at Andreas Neokleous & Co. Yanukovych reigned in Ukraine with a support team from Donetsk. Andrii Dovbenko at that time served the interests of the «young oligarch» Sergey Kurchenko, close to the family, helping him to acquire gas station networks, solving the problems of his gas and media assets, as well as performing various personal tasks of one of the richest businessmen in Ukraine. The owners of the law firm saw what potential lies in the close relationship between Dovbenko and Kurchenko. His stakes were skyrocketing in their eyes. A young employee could have earned millions of dollars for Andreas Neokleous & Co by participating in asset purchase schemes for money stolen from taxpayers. The Cypriots did not care about their purity at all.

Minor rebranding necessary
In 2015, promiscuity in funds led a law firm into the bonfire of a grandiose scandal. However, not in Ukraine, but in Cyprus. Money-hungry lawyers bribed the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Mediterranean state, Rikkos Eritokritu. For a large profit, he became a participant in the attempted raider seizure of the Providencia trust fund, which is closely connected with Russian business. The Fund owned the assets of the Rosinka company, the beneficiaries of which were Russian citizens. The Deputy Prosecutor General was grabbed by the hand, accidentally seeing a transfer of 500 thousand euros through the soon-bankrupt Cyprus Popular Bank, which also served Russian oligarchs. As a result, Rikkos Eritokritu was imprisoned for 3.5 years, the son of the founder of the law firm Panagiotis Neokleous received a year less, and another managing partner of Andreas Neokleous & Co, Andreas Kypriozlu, parted with freedom for 1.5 years. The company Andreas Neokleous & Co was fined 70 thousand euros. The authorities began to consider revoking her license.

It was this major scandal that caused the rebranding of its Ukrainian branch, which changed its name, but did not abandon the «dirty» business. Improving the image has not changed the principles of business activity. After the escape Sergey Kurchenko to Russia N&D headed by Andrey Dovbenko began to serve the interests of the Petro Poroshenko, or rather his offshore companies. Andrii Dovbenko represented the interests of Petro Poroshenko’s automotive holding Bogdan Holding GmbH, which belongs to Hesutu Limited, the sole shareholder of which is the British Virgin Islands offshore Financial Corporation. Around the multi-link chain, the son of the founder of Andreas Neokleous & Co, Panagiotis Neokleous, was always spinning, soon sent to a Cypriot prison to be re-educated. The presence of a hardened fraudster clearly indicates the presence of a well-hidden trick in the financial activities of the commercial enterprise of the Ukrainian president. For some reason, N&D itself received a Russian residence permit, having registered not in the capital, but in the outback of the Tver region.

Over the past year and a half, Andriy Dovbenko has come out of the shadows and noticeably perked up. Now he has abandoned his long-standing cooperation with the Cypriots who have tarnished their business reputation and joined the managing partners of the Evris law firm and the founders of the Investments of Ukraine Fund. Dovbenko quickly turned into a media personality. Moreover, he began to worry about creating an impeccable own business image. Today, Andriy Dovbenko positions himself as a fighter for European values and the speedy eradication of corruption in Ukraine. The lawyer was so enraged that he did not regret the wife of the current president, Marina Poroshenko, accusing her of financial violations flourishing under the roof of the charitable foundations patronized by her.

The trail of dark deeds from the past continues to drag Dovbenko. He was already detained by the SBU to give the necessary explanations. There are rumors about his divorce from his wife Daria Zarivna, editor of the magazine L’Officiel-online. Although no one has come up with a better way to preserve property from possible arrest than divorce. All of Andriy Dovbenko’s stormy activity, including the operation to cover up the sins of the past, is connected with the arrival of his long-time comrade Pavel Moroz to the post of Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine. Moroz has his own experience in raiding. At one time, he participated in the process of changing the owners of the Zhytomyr confectionery enterprise and the fish restaurant of the Odessa Society of Waiters, located in a cult place next to the Potemkin stairs. Now, as a deputy minister, he has been given responsibility for the state registration of property rights. A new method of conducting acquisitions and mergers is to interfere with the register of owners. Everything has been simplified to the limit. There is no need to hold shareholder meetings, make a decision on bankruptcy and lengthy court procedures. The new method turned out to be fast and effective. It is enough to correct just one paper and the property will pass from one hand to another against the will of its owner. The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, represented by Pavel Moroz, has appropriated the right to conduct raider operations to itself. You can’t do without helpers here. We need a contact. This role was given to Andrey Dovbenko with his law firm. Clients turn to him, he negotiates the terms of the transaction with them, accepts money and passes the order to officials from the ministry. The fee ranges from $ 10 thousand to several million dollars. Real estate objects can be very different. From an ordinary apartment to a factory. Raiding thanks to the Dovbenko-Moroz bundle is blooming in Ukraine with a violent color.

Daria Zarivnaya and Andrii Dovbenko have already been involved in corruption scandals
Andrey Dovbenko’s wife, Daria Zarivnaya, also appeared in publications with the laundering of millions by Andreas Neocleus & Co. Moreover, there was even information about the divorce process of Dovbenko and Zarivna. And as you know, divorce is the simplest way to save property, whose origin is difficult to prove, and because of what it can be seized.

Offshore scams under the cover of the Ministry of Justice. What could be more interesting? Let’s look into the situation with the laundering of millions of Andreas Neocleus & Co. more thoroughly.

A firm has settled in Kiev, whose owners are accused of money laundering by the «Russian mafia». Moreover, she did not even have an office, the money of the Russian organized criminal groups was laundered without gaskets. The audacity of Daria Zarivna and Andrii Dovbenko was simply shocking.

The RBC-Ukraine website was the first to publish an investigation on this topic, but soon enough the scandalous material from the site mysteriously disappeared.

Dovbenko has already been married twice. First wife Daria is now the press secretary of the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Ermak. And Andrey has a daughter from his first marriage. The second wedding to Anna Ogrenchuk, co-founder and managing partner of LCF Law Group, in 2019 cheered up the entire Internet. It was held with all possible pathos on the Cote d’Azur in France. And why not in Ukraine?

This ambitious wedding was also attended by the then head of the APU Andriy Bogdan, who for the sake of this event missed the official events for the Independence Day of Ukraine in Kiev. As the information resource reported , at a time when a march in honor of the Independence Day of the country was held in the capital, a «march» was also held in France and even under the anthem of Ukraine… Isn’t it a joke?.. Only now it passed under the popping of champagne and shouts of «bitter» on the way to a luxurious restaurant in the company of half-naked girls…

All that high life seems to come to an end as police is looking to arrest Andrii Dovbenko and Artem Petrashkin. It’s not that they are the single corrupt lawyers and officials left but because others will think twice before mastering in the art of blunt corruption.

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