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Today: Jun 13, 2024

Orbán Calls for Shake-Up in EU Leadership at National Conservatism Conference

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It’s time to stir things up in the ″ineffective″ governance of the European Union, as per Orbán.

During a gathering of right-wing leaders, Viktor Orbán, the Prime Minister of Hungary, called for a shake-up in leadership in Brussels. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the EU’s policies on migration and Ukraine, highlighting the need for substitution if the current leadership proves to be insufficient. Orbán’s goal is to guide the EU towards a more conservative path following the upcoming European election, which is anticipated to witness a surge in conservative backing. These statements were made at the National Conservatism Conference, where he drew parallels between police intervention and oppression in communist Hungary. Orbán is worried that freedom in Europe, particularly in Brussels, is in jeopardy.
In the face of the imminent subjugation of Europe, Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán fearlessly condemned the migration policy of the European Union during his discussion with conference chairman Yoram Hazony. He emphasized the significance of residing in a society grounded in Christianity and questioned why it should be abandoned. Despite being a member of the EU, Orbán is renowned for his strong partnership with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He expressed his intention to uphold Budapest’s well-established economic ties with Moscow, even in the midst of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. While acknowledging Ukraine’s right to defend itself, Orbán made it evident that he does not view it as Hungary’s war. He criticized the European approach, asserting that it fails to address the consequences of supporting a nation embroiled in an unwinnable conflict. According to Orbán, Ukraine has become reliant on the West for financial and military aid, and without it, the country would cease to exist. Orbán echoed Putin’s perspective that the conflict stems from Kyiv’s potential NATO membership and stressed the necessity of a buffer zone between Russia and NATO countries. The conference, attended by notable conservatives such as Nigel Farage from the UK and former
On Tuesday, I began my day by attending the inaugural ceremony of the conference organized by Mateusz Morawiecki, the Prime Minister of Poland. The event took place at the Claridge, a conveniently situated venue close to the European Quarter. However, the atmosphere quickly turned chaotic when the local authorities unexpectedly arrived, in response to the mayor’s request, in an attempt to shut down the gathering.

Despite the commotion caused by the police presence, the organizers managed to carry on with the conference on Tuesday. Nevertheless, the police stationed themselves at the entrance, prohibiting any new participants from entering.

Fortunately, a Belgian court later overturned the mayor’s instruction, permitting the conference to proceed without any further interruptions on Wednesday.

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