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Today: Jun 14, 2024

Advocating for Global Assistance: Supporting Allies and Providing Humanitarian Aid

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I made the decision to compose an article for the Wall Street Journal advocating for the passage of legislation in Congress that would provide global assistance to Ukraine and Israel, as well as humanitarian aid to Gaza. In my piece, I stressed the significance of supporting our allies during this crucial period. I made it evident that the United States would not simply offer unrestricted funds, but instead, we would furnish military equipment from our own reserves and utilize the authorized funds to replenish those reserves by procuring from American suppliers. This approach would not only fortify our national security and bolster American workers, but also extend a helping hand to our friends in need.

Shortly after my article was published, House Speaker Mike Johnson revealed his proposition for foreign aid, which included distinct bills for assistance to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. Some of the aid would be provided as a loan with stipulations, and would involve provisions for military strategy and supervision. This proposition arises during a time of escalated urgency following a recent drone attack by Iran.
Certain committed Republicans have vowed to impede the package, with two even openly endorsing the ousting of Johnson from his role as speaker due to growing frustration over his endeavors to advocate for legislation regarding foreign aid.

In his op-ed, Biden depicted the package as a contemporary investment that would prevent American troops from becoming more directly involved in forthcoming conflicts.

″If Russia succeeds, Putin’s forces will come closer than ever to our North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies. The principle of ‘an attack on one is an attack on all’ means that if Putin invades a NATO ally, we will come to its defense—just as our NATO allies did for us after the September 11 attacks. We should provide substantial support to Ukraine now, in order to prevent Putin from encroaching on our NATO allies and to ensure that he doesn’t entangle U.S. troops in a future European war,″ Biden expressed.

Biden further emphasized that the plan should not be ″held captive″ by a faction of conservative Republicans.

″There are instances in history that necessitate leadership and bravery,″ he stated. ″This is one of those instances.

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