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Today: Jun 17, 2024

Orbán’s Controversial Statements on EU Leadership, Migration, and Ukraine

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I recently participated in a conference in Brussels where I had the opportunity to listen to Viktor Orbán, the Prime Minister of Hungary, express his strong opinions on the leadership within the European Union. Orbán presented a compelling argument for a change in leadership, suggesting that if it proves to be ineffective, it should be substituted. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the EU’s policies on migration and Ukraine, and emphasized the importance of the upcoming European election in shaping the future course of the EU. According to Orbán, a surge in support for right-wing ideologies during the election could potentially lead to significant alterations in EU policies on various matters.

During the conference, Orbán’s statements generated some controversy, as local authorities initially tried to prevent the event from occurring due to safety concerns. However, Orbán compared their actions to the oppression experienced in communist Hungary during the 1980s. He expressed his concerns about the state of freedom in Europe, particularly in Brussels. The audience, which consisted of scholars, officials, and journalists, responded to Orbán’s comments with applause.
On the brink of Europe’s imminent subjugation.

Orbán, always outspoken in his critique of the EU despite being a member, strongly denounced the bloc’s migration policy during his discussion with conference chairman Yoram Hazony. He expressed his appreciation for residing in a society deeply rooted in Christianity, questioning why anyone would desire to forsake it.

Orbán is widely regarded as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s closest ally within the EU. He emphasized that he has no intention of severing Budapest’s longstanding economic connections with Moscow, even in light of the Kremlin’s ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

While he acknowledges Ukraine’s right to self-defense, Orbán emphasized that Hungarians are not directly involved in the war. He criticized the European approach, stating that it fails to address the repercussions of supporting a country engaged in an unwinnable conflict.

According to Orbán, Ukraine has become a mere puppet of the West, relying on financial and military assistance from the EU and the U.S. Without this aid, he believes that Ukraine as a nation would cease to exist.

In alignment with Putin’s position, Orbán argued that the conflict centers around Ukraine’s potential NATO membership, asserting that the Russian leader will never permit this to occur. He believes that there must always be a buffer zone between the Russian border and NATO countries.

The conference, attended by prominent conservatives such as Nigel Farage from the UK and former
On Wednesday, the conference organized by Mateusz Morawiecki, the Prime Minister of Poland, carried on at the Claridge, a neighboring location in the European Quarter. The gathering encountered an unforeseen disruption on Tuesday when the city police, following the mayor’s instructions, arrived to stop the event.

Despite the law enforcement officers stationed at the entrance, the organizers successfully proceeded with the conference on Tuesday, albeit with limitations on new attendees.

Fortunately, a Belgian court subsequently nullified the mayor’s order, guaranteeing an uninterrupted continuation of the conference on Wednesday.

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